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“I’ve had great service from Dr. Callahan over the past few years and I’m happy to say that tradition has continued with Dr. Bunin. His staff is not only excellent at their jobs but friendly and helpful as well. This is where you want to go to have any dental work done.”

Mike O.

“The front office staff (Teri) is always friendly and responsive, the dental assistant (Sonia) was kind and reassuring, Dr. Bunin was friendly, explained what he was doing, and I was quickly treated and taken care of. I appreciate that the office is a comfortable place to be – clean, friendly, casual yet professional.”

Heidi C.

“I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable this procedure–a new crown–was. Dr. Bunin and Sonia did a great job. Thanks.”


“I’ve been with Dr. Paul since the early days in 1989 and am transitioning to Dr. Bunin. The team there really functions like one – if you have an early appointment, you might see the team’s morning huddle where they plan for the day. Dr. Bunin is as capable and empathetic as Dr. Paul. I’m glad I’ve trusted them with my dental care!”

Michael P.

“Dr. Bunin and his assistant were great today. I was concerned about the Novocain shot near the front of my mouth (due to a previous experience) and they were particularly caring; listening to my concerns, using a topical gel first and making sure I was okay throughout! I could not have asked for more all went well! And the front office staff was wonderful, as always! Thank you all!”

Lori S.

“Crowns are never fun especially when they are in the back molars but Sonia and Dr. Bunin gave me a few breaks so I could sit up and decompress. Dr. Callahan popped in to say hi and see how I was while I was taking a break. This office is full of caring staff and dentists! Great experience.”

Carol J.

“I appreciate the care offered when I became anxious. Sonia and Dr. Bunin were very considerate and helpful. The treatment was quick and went very well. This is a great dental office!”

Deborah M.

“Dr. Bunin is very professional and easy going. My recent crown prep was pain free, and he knows what he is doing. The crown fit like a glove and felt better than my original tooth. I highly recommend him as your dentist.”

Linda F.

“I had a chipped tooth last night. I was able to call in the problem the next morning and they got me in and dealt with the problem right away. It was great.”

Jeffrey K.