Kids & Sealants

Kids & Sealants

For those who have children that are school age, they know what sealants are. There are many programs throughout the schools in the United States that are adopting the sealant program at school. These programs are meant to provide low-income children with sealants to help prevent cavities while at school. The school does not have kids checking out for these appointments and it can prevent these kids from having to go the dentist later for issues. However, there are still a few barriers in place, despite this program being one that many parents are glad to have in their area.

The Benefits of the Sealant Program

The sealant program was designed just for low income children. And so far, it has performed just as people though it would. These benefits include:
– It has prevented at least 1 million cavities in children just in a few years of being used
– Around 39% of low income children are getting these
– This has saved quite a chunk of change when it comes to treatment for these problems

The Sealant Program Should be Available to all Children

While the sealant program is a great program that almost every dentist is on board with, there are still some barriers that need to be taken down before everyone can say that this program is the best that we can do for these kids. These barriers include:

– Getting this sealant program out to more schools not just those that are based in low income areas.
– Finding more funding for these programs so that they can be expanded and reach more kids
– Finding more dentists who would be willing to work with these problems to help kids and protect their dental health.

For those who have children, the importance of seeing the dentist on a regular basis is something that we cannot emphasize enough. The sealant program is meant to offer some protection against cavities, and this is great. However, it is not meant to replace the regular dental appointment that your child has. If you have any questions about these sealants, your local dentist in Sterling, VA can help!