Dealing with Dry Mouth

Dealing with Dry Mouth

Many people suffer with dry mouth daily. In many cases, drinking more liquids is the best way to get rid of this dry mouth. However, there are many people who visit the dentist with the complaint about how dry their mouth is despite drinking tons of hydrating liquids. What is the issue? How can this be dealt with? Learn more below from your dentist in Sterling VA.


Why Dry Mouth Occurs?


The main reason for dry mouth is due to the saliva not being produced and secreted as it should be. This can happen to anyone from time to time. However, there are situations in which this is worse for a person. For example:

  • When a person takes medications, such as seniors, they are going to find that these medications could be drying out the mouth.
  • Being nervous or under stress can cause the saliva to be thrown off its regular production.
  • Those who take allergies medications with antihistamines, they are going to find that their mouth may become dry as the antihistamine is meant to dry up the drainage, and often affects the saliva.
  • Those who have Rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune disease often deal with dry mouth.


When dry mouth does occur, it can greatly affect the health of your teeth. Saliva works to get the bad bacteria in the mouth away. Those with dry mouth are not having this bad bacterium washed away.


Tips for Dealing with Dry Mouth


For those who do have dry mouth, here are a few tips that can help in dealing with this:


  • Sip water throughout the day
  • Add a little lemon juice to the water as this increase the saliva flow
  • Avoid eating salty or sugary food
  • Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine all make a dry mouth worse
  • Utilize sugar free gum or hard candies to help improve the flow of saliva


Those who do suffer with dry mouth will want to ensure that their teeth brushing routine is great, as they need to keep their teeth and gums healthy without the aid of saliva. Be sure to visit your dentist in Sterling VA who can also provide help with dry mouth. Call Bunin Dental today at (703) 444-4104.