Are Crooked Teeth Genetic?

Are Crooked Teeth Genetic?

Not everyone has a movie star smile. There isn’t anything wrong with that, if your mouth is healthy, and it doesn’t give you problems. However, having an award-winning smile is something that everyone wants. When you get to the age where you are having kids, you may ask yourself, and your dentist if your tooth structure will pass down to your kids. It is an important question. If you had problems in your life with your teeth, you want to know if your kids will suffer the same fate, and good parents want to know everything before it happens.

Does it Pass Down?

Yes. You inherit quite a few problems. If your parents or grandparents had gum disease or had problems with it, you may have inherited that same high risk. It has been proven that family routines aren’t the main cause of dental issues. The way your mouth is structured has been genetically determined, just like what color your hair is or how big or small your nose is. You could have inherited a small mouth that doesn’t fit all 32 teeth, and that will cause the teeth to bunch up after eruption. That is the unfortunate bit. The good news is, there are many ways to get those teeth fixed, and your dentist will be glad to help you with it.

How Does It Get Fixed?

Crooked teeth are easy to fix. If it is caught when the person is a teenager, braces are a great way to properly align those teeth. There are alternative methods that dentists use nowadays as well. Invisalign are invisible braces, or a custom mouthpiece that gently moves your teeth into the proper position. An orthodontist will help you to get a perfect smile and an effective bite. Dental insurance covers many of these procedures.

The main point of fixing crooked teeth is to ensure you have a healthy mouth. Crooked teeth can push over one another, causing pain, and even cause to push another tooth out of its socket. Talk with your dentist about what you can do about any crooked tooth issues you may have.

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